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Cullen & Son,Peugeot Sunshine Coast

A. Cullen & Son – Peugeot Sunshine Coast

Leadership Style – What is your’s.  How do you know what your Leadership Style is and if it is working for you?  At High Octane Sales and Business Systems we can.  Call us today on (07) 5444 0057 and ask for Rhonda James.



A Cullen & Son

A Cullen & Son,Peugeot Sunshine Coast


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Business Coaching with Rhonda James# 1

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You know your Business inside and out.  Your are a Professional in your industry,and you don’t need someone coming in telling you how to run your business. But how do you know it is time to upgrade or improve YOU?

That is where an experienced Business Mentor can help.

Think of a problem in your business that you are not sure how to resolve or it just keeps coming back? It doesn’t matter how big or small it may be.  I can show you exactly why you are having that problem, but more importantly how to resolve it.

Every Business is a direct reflection of the person leading it. No exceptions.

Rhonda James is an experienced Business Mentor with over 20 years in Sales and her and her husband Robert James are the owners of a National Corporation which Robert established over 18 years ago. With over 400 Business Owners under their Brand plus State and Regional Masters, they know their stuff.

Below is a a testimonial from Peter Bell, General Manager Tellam Civil Products .

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Personality Verses Attitude

Rhonda James

What makes a more successful Business Owner?   Their personality or their Attitude?

I often get asked this question as I go around Mentoring Business Owners or if I am talking with people at a social gathering.  First of all lets look at the types of Personalities there are.

There are four different Personality types. They are often labelled differently, depending on who you are speaking with.  There is the Analytical, the Driver, the Amiable and the Expressive.  I have coached and mentored many Business Owners over the years.  They have been a whole mixture of the above Personality types and guess what?  They have run really successful businesses. Their success has absolutely nothing to do with the type of personality they have.  None whatsoever.

What has driven them to success, has been their Attitude.  An attitude of being  Positive and Pragmatic.  An attitude of applying themselves even when things got tough.

The right Attitude is what will get results, each and every time.  How is your Attitude at the moment?

Attitude verses Personality

The Power of Choices

James Home Services

Natasha,Steven Bradbury and Peter Black on the set of the Morning Show

I was listening to our Award Winning National Trainer of the Year for 2011 Peter Black, present at a meeting last week.  His topic was about ‘Choices’.

He talked about the Choices we make every day.  When we get up, we choose whether we are going to exercise or stay in bed that little bit longer.  If we are going to have an egg with multigrain toast for breakfast or run out the door and quickly grab some McDonalds along the way.

Whether we will put 110% into our Business today, or slacken off.  Are we going to play with the kids after school or sit them in front of the television and do a little more work on our laptop.

We can choose whether we are going to have a positive attitude or a negative attitude.

How powerful to remember that WE have the power to make our own Choices every day.

I drove home thinking about Peter’s presentation and the many Choices I have made  in my life.

One of the many choices I made many years ago was to be the Director of my own business.  The  benefits of  owning my own business gives me Choices.  Like how much money I want to earn each year. I can’t imagine being an employee any more and somebody telling me what they think I am worth each week. Some people say money isn’t important.  Well guess what – money gives us choices.  Will we go to Bali for a holiday or America. Will we buy another investment property or wait awhile.

The choices I can now make daily because of the decision to be a Successful Business Owner is endless.

What Choices have you made over the years, that you look back on and are so proud that you did?  What rewards are you repeating today because of those decisions?

The Choices we make, dictate the life we Lead.

Rhonda James

James Home Services

Successful, Positive Attitudes are Contagious

Invest In Yourself and Your People

Rhonda James High Octane

Invest In Your Team

Gee I don’t know if I want to spend money on training my staff.” “What if they leave?”  Believe it or not, this is what I hear when I speak to some Business Owners on investing in training their staff.  My answer always to this is “What if they stay?”

Our minds are like filing cabinets, they need to be looked at on a regular basis and determined what files we need to keep, which ones we need to archive and which ones should have been burnt ages ago.

Staff will always come and go over time.  What is important is how effective they are in their position, when they are in our employment.  Confident, well trained employees who feel acknowledge and appreciated will always do everything they can to excel in their roles.

What is one way of having a competitive edge – Invest in Yourself and Your People.

Women in Business Mentor

Rhonda James








Rhonda James

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Why A Positive Attitude Creates Winners: by Rhonda James

Wollongong Roller Hawks

Rhonda hearing the amazing stories of Colin and Tim from the Wollongong Roller Hawks.

I was honored to meet a few of the Wollongong Roller Hawks on Sunday.

 This team of young men had many different reasons for being in wheelchairs.  As I listened and spoke to some of them, and asked heaps of questions, there was one thing that became very clear that they all had in common.  That was, they all had an extremely Positive Attitude.  

Instead of looking at the negatives in their lives, and feeling sorry for themselves, they had iron steel Attitudes of determination and winning.  Being the best they could be at whatever they were doing.  The words that I kept hearing over and over again was how they worked as a Team, they were like a community, they helped each other when needed.  They communicated their needs (sometimes yelling to get over the noise), on the basketball court of course.  They knew the positions they had to play in the team.

Rhonda James - Franchising - Business - Attitude

A few of the Roller Hawks playing with some keen youngsters.

As I flew home that night, I kept thinking of this special Attitude that permeated thru the Roller Hawks team.  Where they just lucky that they were doing so well in the National competition, was it something in the water?  No!  It just confirmed that A Positive Attitude Creates Winners whether it be in Life, Sport or Business.

It is the Attitude that we bring to the game that counts.

What do you think?

Rhonda James

High Octane Business Coach

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As the Business Owner, Are You the Best Seller In The Company?

Women in Business Mentor

Rhonda James


As a Business Owner, are you the Best Seller in Your Company?  If not why?

Are you the best Negotiator in your Business?

Sometimes getting knock back after know back, and rejection after rejection, can be soul destroying. The buck stops with you.  It may be easy to hire a salesperson who has been around the block a few times, interviews well and tells you how good he is.  You then spend hours on training him on how your business operates, introduce him to your customers etc etc.  But what if he doesn’t work out?  What if he’s not that good after all?  What if you want to go on holidays.  What happens then?

Yep, the Buck stops with you?

Updating ourselves as Business Owners is vital if we are to enjoy and receive the benefits of being at the Head of our Empire.  What if you know you need to improve your Sales Skills, and you keep ignoring your awareness?

As the saying goes, ‘Ignore your Awareness at Your Peril.’